Below is a list of bills that Education Forward Arizona has taken a position on in the 2022 legislative session. Please note, this list could change any time. Last updated April 21, 2022.

Priority: Expand access to quality early learning and supporting early literacy development.

SupportHB2026Early literacy; reading plans
Makes technical changes that support the implementation of the State Board of Education’s recommendations on K-3 literacy.

Priority: Attraction and retention of educators across the P-20 continuum.

OpposeSB1159Teacher certification; leadership preparation programs
Allows certification of school leaders at the local level and allows subject matter experts to teach in grades K-5 in their areas of expertise.

Priority: Increase opportunities for students and adults to access and complete a postsecondary degree or credential.

SupportHB2122Continuing high school; workforce training
Creates the Adult Workforce Diploma Program to assist a person at least 21 years old in earning a high school diploma and earning a credential. Creates a continuing high school and workforce training program that drives students to earn their diploma and a postsecondary credential. Goodwill will implement this program. Establishes the Community College Adult Education Workforce Development Program at the SBE. Will fund programs at the community colleges to lead to credentials or degrees. 
SupportSB1300Tribal college dual enrollment program
Allows Tribal colleges to offer dual enrollment to students off of their reservation in culture, language and government.
SupportHB2017STEM funding; appropriation
Appropriates $8.6M to the Maricopa Community Colleges, $1.7M to Pima Community College and $550K to Pinal Community College. The amendment addresses the expenditure limit.
SupportSB1368Arizona Board of Regents; continuation
Continues ABOR for 5 years.
SupportHB2031Higher education; individuals with disabilities
Allows students with disabilities to use their documentation of their disability from K-12 education in a community college or university.

Priority: P-20 education funding, with a focus on providing additional supports to students who are most in need.

Support SCR1050School district expenditures; authorization
Allows K-12 public district schools to exceed the Aggregate Expenditure Limit by a specific amount for this school year only.
OpposeSB1657ESAs; STOs; Student empowerment fund
Expands school voucher eligibility to Title 1 students and other groups.
OpposeHB2808Schools; operation; improvements
Proposes strategies to turn around D and F schools through school closures, consolidations or take overs; actualizes the Governor’s Operation Excellence program.
OpposeSB1269Conformity; internal revenue code
Proposal makes changes to the state’s K-12 funding formula in teacher pay/experience, transportation and adds an achievement weight. Allows schools to opt in to receive charter school funding, however, requires a series of trade-offs in return.