How the Arizona Education Community Developed the Achieve60AZ Action Plan

Through a collaborative and inclusive process, more than 300 Arizonans worked together to identify the key actions that should be taken to increase education attainment, beginning in early education, in K-12, and in postsecondary education. In all, 12 forums were held in 2022 to discuss these ideas at regional convenings in Yuma, Maricopa, Mohave and La Paz Counties, Northern Arizona, Copper Corridor, Southern Arizona, and two statewide sessions. Additionally, multiple surveys were also conducted and included forum attendees and additional leaders who were not able to attend the sessions.


Thank you to all our forum and survey participants—educators, students, issue experts, business leaders and community leaders—who collectively helped to create the Achieve60AZ Action Plan.

Freya Abraham, Student
Amanda Aguirre, Regional Center for Border Health
Ethan Alcantar, Student
Kelly Alden, Teach for America
Liz Alvarez, First Things First
Samantha Armstrong, Educator
Anaiis Ballesteros, All in Education
Kylie Barbar, Children’s Action Alliance
Dennis Barger, Vail Academy and High School
Elizabeth Barker Alvarez, First Things First
Rachael Barkley, Alice Byrne Elementary School
Melissa Barnett, University of Arizona
Lauren Battles, Education Forward Arizona
Amy Morales Baum, First Things First
Tracey Beal, School Connect
Perry Berry, Queen Creek Unified School District
Mila Besich, Town of Superior
Marci Bieber, Peoria Unified
Christine Bonow, Educator
Elizabeth Bouwens, Educator
Melissa Boydston, Valley of the Sun United Way
Peter Boyle, Center for the Future of Arizona
Amy Boza, Arizona Department of Education
Laurie Brewer, Educator
Tim Brienza, Yuma Union High School District
Paul Brierley, Yuma Center of Excellence for Desert Agriculture
Monica Brinkerhoff, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona
Rachael Broome, Educator
Teniqua Broughton, State of Black Arizona
Jill Broussard, Pinal County School Superintendent
Dave Brown, Valley Leadership
Kendelle Brown, Opportunities for Youth
Eric Bucher, Arizona Association for the Education of Young Children
Amanda Burke, Center for the Future of Arizona
Melissa Busby, Central Arizona College
Chris Bustamante, Arizona Community College Coordinating Council
Jaime Camero, Educator
Jason Cantanese, Educator, Arizona State Board of Education
Howard Carlson, Greater Phoenix Educational Management Council
Heather Carter, Greater Phoenix Leadership
Tim Carter, Yavapai County School Superintendent
Evelyn Casuga, Central Arizona College, Center for the Future of Arizona
Latasha Causey, Phoenix Raceway
Alaina Chabrier, SRP
Erika Chapman, Educator
Caryl Chase, Achieve Pinal
Erin Chastain, Arizona State University
Lorenzo Chavez, Arizona Community Foundation
Theresa Chavez, Educator
Daniela Chavira, Student
Rajwant Cheema, Educator
Terri Clark, Read On Arizona
Ted Coe, Math Expert
Alison Coleman, Educator
Laura Collins, Educator
Rich Condit, Economic Independence
Candice Copple, Arizona State University
Dawn Craft, Arizona PBS
Donna Davis, Education Forward Arizona
Gabriel Declercq, Student
Meghaen Dell’Artino, Public Policy Partners
Marjorie DeRubeis, Be a Leader Foundation
Katrina Devinny, First Things First
Reetika Dhawan, Arizona Western College
Colin Diaz, Tempe Chamber of Commerce
Deb Dillon, Prescott Unified School District Board of Governors
Gretchen Dorner, Kingman Unified School District
Megan Dover, Educator
Ian Dowdy, Center for the Future of Arizona
Dolores Duran-Cerda, Pima Community College
Milan Eaton, Arizona Department of Education
Jennifer Eckstrom, Tucson Unified School District Governing Board
Shirley Ehler, Educator
Shari Elkins, First Things First
Linda Elliott-Nelson, Community Volunteer
Julie Engel, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation
Steve Erickson, Teach for America
Stephen Estatico, Superior Unified School District
Sophie Etchart, Read Better Be Better
Melissa Ewing, Student
Joena Ezroj, Regional Center for Border Health
Maggie Farry, Earn to Learn
Becky Fawson, Kingman Chamber of Commerce
Soilo Felix, Be a Leader Foundation
Xochitl Felix, Student
Veronica Ferandez, Student
Marina Rodruguez Fermanis, Educator
Michael File, Mohave Schools Superintendent
Kelley Fisher, Educator
Shelly Fisher, Educator
Mayra Flores, The Bob and Renee Parsons Foundation
Zulema Fragoso, Nogales Unified School District #1
Phil Francis, Community Volunteer
Karen Francis Begay, University of Arizona
Roger Freeman, Littleton Elementary School District
Ezequias Fuentes, Student
Kammie Furman, Arizona School Counselors Association
Rosanna Gabaldon, Arizona House of Representatives
Christine Gannon, Brightworks Consulting
Maria Garcia, Student
Rebecca Gau, Stand for Children Arizona
Dawn Gerundo, Valley of the Sun United Way
Beth Giacalone, Candelen
Amy Gill, Shadle Family Foundation
Kerri Glover, Educator
Cristina Gonzales, Arizona Western College
Adriana Gonzalez-Camarena, Aliento
John Graham, Sunbelt Holdings
Kim Graham, Arizona Educational Foundation
Daniil Gunitsky, Teach for America
Carolyn Hamblin, Mohave County
K. Hansen Hansen, Educator
Carla Harcleroad, Arizona State University
Betsy Hargrove, Avondale Elementary School District
Ashley Harrington, Arizona Western College
Erin Hart, Education Forward Arizona
Ladan Hassan, Student
Jennifer Hayes, Mohave County
Chato Hazelbaker, Northland Pioneer College
Andy Heinemann, Tucson Values Teachers
Dr. Melissa Hernandez, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona
Ashley Herrington, Arizona Western College
Edmundo Hidalgo, Arizona State University
Lupita Hightower, Tolleson Elementary School District
Nina Hipps, Educator
Lisa Hoberg, Greater Phoenix Leadership
Tanya Hodges, University of Arizona
Sintra Hoffman, WESTMARC
Brittany Holmes, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Jenny Holsman, TPI Composites, Inc.
David Howell, Wells Fargo
Maureen Howell, Greater Phoenix Economic Council
Tara Jackson, Arizona Town Hall
Jaymie Jacobs, First Things First
Lisa Jameson, Wellton Elementary School
Chrstina Jameson, Educator
Lisa Jameson, Wellton Elementary School District
Jennifer Jennifed, Kingman Chamber of Commerce
Mark Joraanstad, Arizona School Administrators
Lynn Pugh-Kelly, Educator
Terri Kimble, Chandler Chamber of Commerce
Stacy Klippenstein, Mohave Community College
Robbie Koerperich, Holbook Unified School District
Chris Kotterman, Arizona School Boards Association
Callie Kozlak Tyler, Arizona Department of Education
Lisa Krueger, Lake Havasu Chamber
Kristy James Kuehn, Educator
Ildiko Laczko-Kerr, Ribbit Learning
Anne Landers, Junior Achievement of Arizona
Jennifer Lauzon, Educator
Karen Leland, Eyes on Learning
Kay Leum, Coconino Community College
Tifanie Lewis, SciTech Institute
Selena Llamas, Education Forward Arizona
Odalis Lopez, Student
David Lujan, Children’s Action Alliance
Paul Luna, Helios Education Foundation
Beth Maloney, Act One
Dulce Martinez, Student
Suzi Mast, Arizona Math Collaborative, Arizona Math Leaders
Brianna Maxwell, Educator
Darlene McCauley, Littlefield Unified School District
Cecilia McCollough, Town of Wellton
Shane McCord, Gilbert Public Schools
Eboney McKinney, Arizona Department of Education
Ann MClure, School Counseling
Shelley Mellon, RL Jones Insurance Services
Jennifer Mellor, Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation
Ramona Mellott, Northern Arizona University
Janine Menard, Arizona School Counselors Association
Gregorio Montes de Oca, Arizona Community Foundation
Mario Montoya, Aliento
Reyna Montoya, Aliento
Jacob Moore, Arizona State University
Bryana Mora, Student
Amy Morales Baum, First Things First
Kirsten Morgan, Arizona PTA
Stacey Morley, First Things First
Andrew Morrill, WestEd
Kristine Morris, Union Elementary School District
Kelley Murphy, Children’s Action Alliance
Lindsey Murphy, Candelen
Roxanne Murphy, Earn to Learn
Nanette Murray, Educator
Adriana Murrietta, Pharos Foundation
Tyson Myers, Creighton Schools
Franklin Narducci, Chandler Unified School District
Kareem Neal, Arizona Teacher of the Year, Educator
Brent Neilson EdD, CAVIAT
Nicole Newhouse, Candelen
Jenny Nichols, Educator
Rich Nickel, Education Forward Arizona
Dr. Lance Northey, University of Arizona-Mohave County Cooperative Extension 4-H
Jackie Norton, Rodel Foundation
Carol Nowakowski, Educator
Ann OBrien, Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board
Katheline Ocampo, Arizona Western College
Daniel Ortega, APS
Nohemi Ortega, First Things First
Rudy Ortiz, First Things First
Francisco Padilla, First Things First
Angel Palazuelos, Student
Janice Palmer, Helios Education Foundation
Karyn Parker, First Things First
Stephanie Parra, All in Education
Nancy Parra-Quinlan, Arizona Teacher of the Year, Educator
Lynn Parsons, Coolidge Chamber of Commerce
Ashley Pascual, First Things First
Julie Pastrick, Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce
Shelby Pedersen, ICAN
Anthony Pérez, Educator
Greg Peterson, Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Karla Phillips, Think Inclusion
Morgan Phillips, Pima Community College
Barbie Prinster, Arizona Early Childhood Education Association
Selena Ramirez Ruiz, Student
Holly Reynolds, Educator
Angela Rico, Educator
Kim Rimbey, Arizona Association of Teachers of Math, Arizona Math Leaders
Amanda Rincon, SciTech Institute
Bryan Rivera Garcia, Student
Irene Robles-Lopez, Pima Community College
Sean Ross, Arizona Department of Education
Brenda Ruby Mendez, Student
Angela Ruiz, Student
Vijette Saari, Candelen
Julie Sainz, Arizona Board of Regents
Liz Salazar, UnidosUS
Ana Samaniego, Douglas Unified School District
Jennifer Sanchez, Intel
Larry Sandigo, Arizona Board of Regents
Eric Santiago, First Things First
James Schuessler, Arizona Western College
Cal Sheehy, Lake Havasu City
Veronica Shorr, Arizona Community Foundation
Kaleab Shumarga, Student
Feather Sprengeler, First Things First
Jerry Stabley, AARP Experience Corps Pinal-Casa Grande
Hillary Stacey, Educator
Rachel Stafford, Educator
Megan Sterling, Tempe Union High School District
Carolyn Stewart, Bullhead City School District
Lorraine Stofft, Arizona Western College
Rebecca Stone, Lake Havasu Unified School District
Erin Strong, Educator
Jim Swanson, Kitchell
Sylvia Symonds, Gates Foundation
Anita Tarango, Arizona State University
Richie Taylor, Arizona Department of Education
T. Paul Thomas, Northern Arizona Leadership Alliance
Gina Thompson, Yuma Union High School District
Paul Tighe, Arizona School Administrators
Jenny Torres, City of San Luis
Thomas Tyree, Southwest Technical Education District of Yuma
Sara Ungaro, Mohave County
Kasandra Urquidez, University of Arizona
NJ Utter, Sunnyside Unified School District
Jennifer Valentine, Educator
Maritza Valenzuela, Opportunities for Youth
Peter Van Wyck, First Things First
Carla Vargas Jasa, Valley of the Sun United Way
Frank Velasquez Jr., Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce
Madel Veridiano, Educator
Monica Villalobos, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Abe Villarreal, Cochise Community College
Melanie Volz, Educator
Dru Waggoner, La Paz County Superintendent of Schools
Virginia Watahomigie, Coconino Coalition for Children and Youth
Paula Watkins, Educator
Sarah Watts, Gilbert Chamber of Commerce
Andrew White, Educator
Karyn White, Educator
Kathy Wiebke, Arizona K-12 Center
Bonnie Williams, Arizona Department of Health Services
Dustin Williams, Pima County Schools Superintendent
Cole Young, Mohave Valley School District
Mary Zeller, Educator
Allison Zellers, Student
Lorena Zendejas, Regional Center for Border Health