The Arizona Education Progress Meter was launched in February 2016 through a partnership between the Center for the Future of Arizona and Education Forward Arizona.

The Education Progress Meter represents key milestones on the path to improving educational opportunities and outcomes for all Arizonans. Progress made in each area will ultimately create a more prosperous economy, ensure all students have the knowledge and credentials necessary for good jobs and improve the civic health of communities.

The purpose of the Education Progress Meter is to unite Arizonans around a shared vision for where we agree our state should be and allow us to measure progress, celebrate successes and take action together.

In late 2018, the ASU Decision Center for Educational Excellence, the Center for the Future of Arizona and Education Forward Arizona collaboratively developed a new advanced feature of the Education Progress Meter which readily provides county, municipal, both public and charter school district, and individual school level data that matters most to local communities. This localized data complements the existing statewide data to provide a more comprehensive look at educational achievement in Arizona.

We hope you’ll use this toolkit to help guide efforts in your community.