Arizona has everything to gain - in our economy, in our workforce, in our communities and as individuals - when students continue their education after high school.

Everything to Gain

New Survey Findings

Education Forward Arizona conducted an online survey of Arizona residents ages 18 to 44 who have not completed education beyond high school. View the results to learn what barriers Arizonans face in pursuing or attaining a degree or certificate after high school.


Everything to Gain

Making it possible for more students to continue education after high school will grow Arizona’s economy and lift individuals, families and communities.

About the Campaign

Finish Line to the FAFSA

Education Forward Arizona is working closely with partners—including the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), the Arizona FAFSA Coalition, Helios Education Foundation, Aliento and the Arizona Governor’s Office—to support Finish Line to the FAFSA, a statewide campaign to boost FAFSA completion rates.


Our Strategic Direction

Created through the collective will of diverse sectors and communities across the state, Education Forward Arizona seeks to change the way people see and support education as the key driver to improving the economy and the quality of life in Arizona. View our strategic direction overview.

By working more collaboratively and speaking more cohesively, we aim to align the education system in Arizona, including:

Thought Leadership

We will create a new narrative where policymakers, community & business leaders consider education as families do – to be an investment in the future and not an expense.

Mobilize for Action

We will mobilize our growing partner network across the state to build public and political will for long-term investments with significant results.

Support and Scale

We will work toward scalable impact – identifying effective practices across the state, incubating our own innovative approaches and spreading those that work.


We will publish deep, meaningful and consistent data and research on priority issues to influence public policy and decision-making.

Our Imperative

Arizona can be proud of the Arizona Education Progress Meter — and the community engagement that led to creating statewide metrics and goals for how we measure progress on education outcomes, from early learning to college attainment. But while we’ve seen incremental progress, we have yet to see the big gains needed to reach the goals by 2030. We will report honestly to the public on the progress — or lack of progress — being made to improve education for all students in Arizona. And we will outline what more needs to be done to get to our commonly agreed-upon measures of education success.

Arizona Education Progress Meter