Education Forward Arizona is championing efforts that advance education attainment, P-20.

We believe that increasing education attainment happens throughout a student’s education. It starts in a child’s early years with access to quality early learning opportunities, in elementary school where students build their foundational strengths in literacy and math, in middle and high school when students deepen their preparation for college and career, and in postsecondary education where students work towards a degree or credential.

Achieving educational attainment won’t happen unless every Arizona student has a fair shot at success. Education Forward Arizona will also prioritize efforts that close achievement gaps and ensure that every student has a chance to succeed.

In 2022 Education Forward Arizona will champion efforts that:

  • Expand access to quality early learning, with a focus on serving children who are most in need, and support strategies that advance early literacy development
  • Promote strategies that encourage attraction and retention of educators across the P-20 continuum
  • Increase opportunities for students and adults to access and complete a postsecondary degree or credential.
  • Protect and increase P-20 education funding, with a focus on providing additional supports to students who are most in need

Read more about the policies we’re working on and check out our Education Forward Advocates Network for easy ways to take action.