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Arizona’s Education Priorities

Education Forward Arizona conducted a poll of Arizona voters to better understand voters’ priorities for education. The survey complements and is intended to go deeper on the findings in the Arizona Voters’ Agenda, in coordination with the Center for the Future of Arizona. The survey was conducted May 10-17, 2022 by HighGround Public Affairs on behalf of Education Forward Arizona, a statewide nonprofit and nonpartisan organization.

What we found is that Arizonans deeply care most about the issues that will support good teaching and learning, not the political hot button issues that often get the most attention. Voters want to see candidates discussing key education issues, many of which are aligned with meeting the Arizona Education Progress Meter and Achieve60AZ attainment goals.






This work is supported in part by the Helios Education Foundation, the Arizona Community Foundation, Pharos Foundation, Rodel Foundation of Arizona Thomas R. Brown Family Foundation, and Southern Arizona Leadership Council.

Summary of Poll Results

What are the Biggest Issues Facing Education?

Voters are concerned that teachers are underpaid and schools are underfunded. Voters also demonstrated concern for Arizona’s ongoing teacher shortage and a lack of qualified teachers in the state.

Are Teacher Pay & School Funding Too High or Too Low?

When voters were asked about teacher pay, specifically if the salaries K-12 teachers receive are too high, too low, or just about right, 78.2% of voters said that they believe salaries are too low. Additionally, 66.2% of voters believe that school funding is too low.

What Do Voters Prioritize as Top Issues During the Election Season?

  1. Every school having quality teachers and principals (90.2% strongly support)
  2. Making sure students are proficient in math (88.2% strongly support)
  3. Making sure students can read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade (88.2% strongly support)
  4. Increasing opportunities for Career and Technical Education (84.8% strongly support)
  5. Providing support and resources to fix underperforming schools (69.6% strongly support)
  6. Helping working adults build their job skills and earn a diploma or degree (64% strongly support)
  7. Providing scholarships to Arizona low-income students to go to college (55.8% strongly support)
  8. Increasing the number of school counselors (51.4% strongly support)

What Issues Do Voters NOT Support?

The poll also showed that a majority of likely Arizona voters do not support the following issues:

  • Banning critical race theory
  • Restricting discussions of gender identity and sexual orientation during sex education
  • Closing failing schools

What Education Issues are Important for Candidates To Be Talking About in This Year’s Election?

With more than a dozen options presented, Arizona voters prioritized: ensuring every classroom has a qualified teacher, raising teacher pay, increasing school funding, and fostering more opportunities for Career and Technical Education for Arizona students.

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