David Aldaco

College Knowing & Going Project Coordinator

Shaylinn Aleman

AzCAN Program Manager

Holly Baird


Lauren Battles

Data Coordinator

Rita Bracamonte-Rodriguez

Ask Benji Engagement Specialist

Stephanie Capps

College Knowing & Going Program Coordinator

Myrna Cardenas

Senior Director of Success Services Partnerships

Megan Dales

Program Manager for College Knowing & Going, College Readiness Teams Project

Donna Davis

Senior Community Impact Manager

Heidi Doxey

Program Manager for Community Initiatives

Erin Eccleston

Senior Director of Community Impact

America Fontes

Success Adviser

Jennifer Hernandez

Community Impact Manager, Northern Arizona

Jaclyn Hoerner

Director of Development

Shayne Johnson

Project Coordinator for AdviseAZ

Selena Llamas

Community Impact Manager, Southern Arizona

Lauren Miller

Ask Benji Outreach Coordinator

Monro Obenauer

College Knowing & Going Project Coordinator

Laura Ory

Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

Emily Richardson

Digital Communications Coordinator

Angie Rodriguez

College Knowing & Going Project Coordinator

Zach Rosas

Success Adviser

Ruben Saenz

Senior Director of Statewide Initiatives and AzCAN

Barbra Scrivner

Data and Report Manager

Matt Sotelo

Program Manager of Success Services

Becki Stephens

Executive Assistant

Dana Webb

Accounting Specialist

Marissa Ziering

AdviseAZ Administrative Specialist