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The Education Forward Advocates Network is a coordinated, statewide network of business, education and community leaders as well as parents, teachers, and voters. Here, education champions are coming together to act and amplify their impact for all of Arizona’s students. Education Forward Arizona is providing the tools, information and support to help advocates along the way

Being an Education Forward Advocate means you’ll receive:

  • Timely updates on pressing education issues
  • Exclusive invitations to trainings and policy discussions
  • Tools and messaging to take action and activate others
  • The ability to coordinate and strategize with other advocates across the state

Whether you’re new to advocacy or have been at this for a long time, this network is a place for all supporters to strengthen their advocacy muscle.

The first step is to join the network.

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Alone, we can each have an impact on education…but together, we change the trajectory for all students in Arizona.