A postsecondary education can be transformative. Earning a certificate or degree opens doors to personal and professional opportunities and greater economic and social mobility.

Education Forward Arizona is working to lead efforts directly and in partnership with the community to reach Arizona’s attainment goal, Achieve60AZ.

  • We are working with business, education and community leaders statewide to set local attainment goals and create action plans to reach those goals.
  • With over 150 partners in the Achieve60AZ Alliance, we are building awareness statewide about the importance of education attainment to our workforce and economy.
  • We are tracking attainment data statewide and are publishing reports to demonstrate the impact of postsecondary education to drive awareness and action.
  • We are providing students scholarships, mentoring, and coaching as they pursue and complete their postsecondary education through the programs below.