May 9, 2023

3 Quick Ways to Thank Arizona Teachers

The teachers in our communities continue to show up with a heart to serve and a willingness to meet each child’s unique needs. They’re doing incredible work to educate Arizona students, from pre-K to high school and beyond. This Teacher Appreciation Week is the perfect time to show Arizona teachers our support!

Here are three quick ways you can thank teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8-12, 2023.

1. Share a message of support to Arizona teachers

Words of appreciation can go a long way to make our teachers feel appreciated. You can help by recording or writing a quick message of thanks to teachers!

Consider a specific teacher who has impacted you or your child’s life or a general message to all of Arizona’s teachers. Add your message to our “Wall of Thanks” to Arizona teachers here:

2. Donate supplies to a local classroom

DonorsChoose is a way for public school teachers from across the country to request much-needed materials for their students—and you can find thousands of requests by teachers right here in Arizona. Search for classrooms in your city or zip code today!

3. Take action for teachers

Help take action for teachers by sharing ways legislators can prioritize teachers! Education Forward Arizona makes it easy. Send an email your legislators to share the Achieve60AZ Action Plan which includes specific ideas they can use to support teacher recruitment and retention in our state.

You can also join the Education Forward Advocates Network to learn more about ways you can help advocate for teachers and education issues in our state.

Education Forward Arizona is a nonprofit organization that advocates for education, students and teachers. Education Forward Arizona would like to thank all of Arizona’s teachers for what you do!