June 10, 2022

AdviseAZ helps more than 700 high school students during the 2021-22 academic year

AdviseAZ, an AmeriCorps program that places trained, near-peer college advisers in high schools and communities, just had 14 of their members successfully complete their first term of service on May 31, 2022. These members made a significant impact on their communities by serving more than 700 students across Arizona. 

Here’s how the year went for some of the members:

Jazmin Morales

Sunnyside High School

This program was very transformative! Not only did I enjoy it, but I also learned a lot about how to navigate being in a leadership position. The work was fulfilling and it is an experience that I would recommend to anyone interested in education.

Allison Alaniz

PPEP TEC High School

What I liked the most about the program was helping out students. At my site, most of the students were Hispanic and/or first-generation college students. I was in their situation and I know how it feels so it was rewarding to let them know that everything is possible.

Samantha Hui

College Bound AZ

What I loved most about the program was being able to work with students. You would get students coming in on their good days and you would get students coming in on their bad days. In either situation, it was great working with the students because you can either be informative about the college-going process or your support can let a student know they’ve got another person on their team. It is such a fulfilling experience working with students who need our support the most.

Andrea Hernandez Limon

Northern Arizona College Resource Center (NACRC)

My favorite moments were seeing students motivated and excited about their postsecondary plans and steps. Paying for college is a concern and seeing students realize they can actually get financial aid via FAFSA completion AND will be able to go to college is amazing. It also makes me happy to hear their excitement about going to college or trade school because it is their personal goal.

Heather Dodson, Yavapai College

It was an honor to be able to go to my old high school and support the students in their college dreams. I don’t have family supporting my education path and I have met lots of students who have the same lack of support, therefore, it has been wonderful helping students feel that taking the path to school is something you can decide for yourself and can do it if you’re motivated.

The AdviseAZ team at Education Forward Arizona loved having the opportunity to work with each of the amazing members and are so thankful for their time and commitment to bettering their communities.

AdviseAZ also wants to thank all of the host sites because the program is truly a team effort and couldn’t have happened without them.

To learn more about being an AdviseAZ member or host site, click here.