November 6, 2023

Career Development Events in Arizona

November is Career Development Month! Finding a job or figuring out a career path may feel like an intimidating task, but it doesn’t have to be. Arizona has many resources to support you. 

It is vital for all Arizonans to pursue degrees or certifications, as this effort strengthens individuals, communities, and even our economy.  When our state has a skilled workforce, businesses move their corporations to our state, and in turn, our state’s economy is positively impacted. Currently, less than half of Arizona high schoolers are pursuing education after high school.. In order for Arizona to remain competitive and keep our economy stable, we must keep working towards the Achieve60AZ goal, meaning we need 500,000 more adults to earn a postsecondary degree or certificate by the year 2030. 

Ready to invest in your future? Check out our list of career fairs and workshop opportunities coming up this month as we celebrate Career Development Month! 

Phoenix Area

Tucson Area


Workshops are also very beneficial for personal and professional development. Learn a new skill, practice interviewing, and perfect your resume to make yourself more competitive and confident in Arizona’s job market. Universities and colleges across the state provide numerous career services and workshops throughout the school year for their students. To discover all the options, search for the career services page on your school’s website. 

This month, two of Arizona’s state universities are providing students with some great opportunities:

Arizona State University

University of Arizona

Many cities and counties across the state provide ongoing career services for residents, whether that is help finding a job or support in your job search. Don’t forget to utilize your city’s career services during your job search.