April 1, 2022

College Knowing & Going Student Ambassador Spotlight: Isaac Navarrete

Isaac Navarrete via his Instagram

Isaac Navarrete is a College Knowing & Going (CKG) student ambassador at Kofa High School in Yuma. He wanted to become a student ambassador because he saw the challenges his high school community faced when it came to post-secondary options and wanted to emphasize the importance of having a plan after high school. 

“I aspire to help my peers be excited for college, offering resources and creating a sense of trustworthiness,” said Isaac about his position.

“Being a student ambassador accelerates my ambition to support my communities; turning Arizona into a harbor for growth and prosperity for all,” he added.

When Isaac was a freshman in high school, two of his cousins graduated from his high school. After the ceremony ended, the family went to take pictures but before they could the school had taken the cap and gown from one of his cousins because they were unable to pay for it.

“It cost her, and our family, a capture of a timeless memory,” he said.

Because of that incident, Isaac created the Grant a Gown project, which raises funds to help Yuma high school seniors purchase graduation regalia.

“Years later, my mother and I reminisced about my cousin and her unfortunate situation,” added Isaac. “That’s when I decided to create Grant a Gown to ensure this would not happen to any Yuma graduate again.” 

The goal for this year is to raise enough money to buy graduation regalia for 100 students. The Grant a Gown project can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Isaac will be graduating in May and afterward will be studying Strategic Communications at Northern Arizona University.

Grant a Gown being awarded $500 from AEA Federal Credit Union (via @grantagownyuma on Instagram)