October 12, 2021

Donor Highlight: Carstens Family Funds

The late philanthropist William Carstens understood Arizona did not have enough graduating students to keep the state competitive and thriving. He knew the importance of education, both at the individual and societal level. As a result, Carstens Family Funds was one of the founding scholarship supporters of our organization’s scholarship fund. 

Since that first generous donation in 2005, Mrs. Deborah Carstens has continued to generously provide much needed support. Carstens Family Funds backs a cohort of 10 to 20 new students each year for four years. During any given school year, these funds alone are supporting up to 50 students attending various universities.

Over the years, Carstens Family Funds has supported 11 cohorts of students through its $2.7 million in scholarships. The impact the organization and the family has had on the growth of our scholarship program, and our students’ achievement, is undeniable and we, along with the students are truly grateful.