New Poll Reveals Overwhelming Support for Education Initiatives in Arizona

Unlock the Data: Public Views on Postsecondary Education

The study found:

  • Arizona voters, across the ideological spectrum, overwhelming support increasing the share of Arizona students with a degree or certificate beyond high school. 
  • Voters are ready to invest, showing support for providing a broad array of tools to meet Arizona’s statewide attainment goal, such as expanding access to technical training and dual enrollment programs.

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Our call to action: The time is now

In these divided times, the data presents a picture of unity that is rarely seen around any issue. The opportunity to deliver transformative change is right in front of us. 

More about Everything to Gain and the Achieve60AZ Goal

Arizona has an ambitious goal to reach 60 percent education attainment by the year 2030 – commonly known as the Achieve60AZ goal.

Reaching this goal will mean that 60 percent of the state’s population of working adults will have a certificate, license, or degree—contributing to a greater average quality of life for all Arizonans.

Last year, Education Forward Arizona launched Everything to Gain, a statewide campaign focused on increasing awareness around the importance of postsecondary education for Arizonans. 

To maximize the effectiveness of the effort and better coordinate messaging among all partners, Education Forward Arizona commissioned this unique poll of Arizona voters across the state to gauge their perceptions and attitudes on postsecondary attainment.