August 3, 2021

Fransheska Salgado Paredes

Fransheska Salgado Paredes has a passion for immigration law. Originally from San Luis, Paredes watched as her mother navigated the naturalization process. She’s now studying political science at Arizona State University and plans to attend law school and then help make a change in the world.

Paredes always knew that she wanted to go to college and began preparing in her sophomore year by taking AP courses and the ACT. As a first-generation college student, she knew how beneficial it would be to get a jump-start on credits.

But her biggest challenge was transitioning from high school, which was taught in Spanish, to ASU, where courses were taught in English. At the beginning, she would have to translate all her notes while trying to keep up in lectures, but she more than overcame this challenge and has maintained a strong GPA.

She’s so eager to make a difference that she spent the summer working at the Portable Practical Education Preparation (PPEP) migrant office, which offers summer classes to migrant students whose parents are agricultural workers.

Fransheska’s life motto is “leave the world better than when you found it.” With her passion for law and desire to help others, she will surely do just that.

When asked about how the Mentoring Resilient Students program has impacted her, Fransheska says,

“The Mentoring Resilient Students program has helped me remain accountable throughout this school year. Having my mentor Stephanie to talk about my short- and long-term goals is a constant reminder that I am working towards my future and every small goal that I check off gets me closer to my goal.”