July 14, 2022

Why Arizonans Should Vote Yes on Prop 308

We believe that every student in Arizona should have the opportunity to pursue education or training after high school.

If passed, Proposition 308 will help nearly 2,000 Dreamers each year gain access to more affordable postsecondary education.

Prop. 308 will provide in-state tuition rates for all Arizona high school graduates, regardless of immigration status. All students who have lived in the state for at least two years and graduated from an Arizona high school or home school would become eligible for in-state tuition. Dreamers are Arizona students and deserve the same access to in-state tuition.

Access to a college or university sets students up for future success in their life or career. It also helps strengthen our economy. Our 2016 study found that if the state increased attainment to meet future workforce needs, Arizona would see $7.4B in economic gains. Prop. 308 would help keep talented Arizona students in state, which is a win for our students and for local businesses who get to benefit from their skills.

Prop. 308 has wide bi-partisan support from community and business leaders. Additionally, the Senate resolution that led to Prop. 308 being on the ballot (SCR1044) was passed with legislative support from Republicans and Democrats in both chambers who see the benefits of increased attainment for these Arizona students.

As champions of the state’s Achieve60AZ goal to increase the number of Arizonans with a degree or credential, we believe this effort will help move us closer to meeting the goal and will create a more inclusive and equitable postsecondary system. Increasing education attainment matters for the future success of our students and for Arizona.

To find out more about Prop. 308, visit: www.yeson308.org