Portrait of a happy student hugging her relative and celebrating her college graduation

Everything to Gain

Arizona has everything to gain – in our economy, in our workforce, in our communities and as individuals – when students continue their education after high school.

Research shows that Arizonans who pursue education after high school experience higher lifetime earnings, better health, and more economic opportunities.

A new report from the Helios Education Foundation and Education Forward Arizona has revealed just how much we stand to gain.

Right now:

Approximately 25% of eligible high school graduates in Arizona do not go to community college or a four-year university.

Just 48% of working-age Arizonans have a postsecondary certificate, degree or credential.

We can change this with the right investment.

Increasing higher education enrollment by 20% per cohort could lead to more than $5 billion in economic gains for Arizona.

More students from all backgrounds completing college would lead to $8.69 billion in economic gains per cohort.

Join Education Forward Arizona as we advocate for investments in education beyond high school. Explore the research and find ways to get involved below.