Everything to Gain

. . . in our economy, in our workforce, in our communities and as individuals - when students continue their education after high school.

Arizonans must come together now to add the more than 500,000 degrees and certificates by 2030 to reach Arizona’s statewide attainment goal.

Getting there will require improvements throughout the PreK-20 education system to increase the college-going pipeline and will mean that Arizona adults also continue their education and training after high school.

It’s an ambitious but achievable goal—especially if we work together. And, Arizona has everything to gain from investing in education and training beyond high school.

Recent research from Helios Education Foundation and Education Forward Arizona shows that Arizonans who pursue education after high school experience higher lifetime earnings, better health, and more economic opportunities. Increasing higher education enrollment by just 20 percent per cohort could lead to more than $5 billion in economic gains for Arizona each year. 

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Results from our recently conducted poll reveal the barriers Arizona residents face when it comes to pursuing education and training beyond high school. View the findings.

Public Opinion Poll 1
Results from our poll conducted in November 2024 reveal how Arizona voters feel about prioritizing postsecondary education. Access the report.

Open Letter
Arizona college presidents clearly communicate the value of college.
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Billions To Gain
Report reveals the benefits of education after high school for individuals, communities, and the state’s economy. See the data. 

Meet Rodrigo!
Learn how Education Forward Arizona’s College Knowing & Going initiative helped prepare Rodrigo for college. Read his story. 


Our Effort

Education Forward Arizona’s Everything to Gain campaign will maximize various communications tactics, including events, materials, and earned social and digital media. We aim to ensure Arizonans throughout the state hear, become familiar with, and repeat powerful messaging—and that they see significant increases in degree and certificate attainment as a statewide imperative.

Our efforts will include:

  • Engaging digital and social media to introduce new audiences to data, media coverage, and events
  • Securing sustained media coverage with inclusion in articles and crafting commentaries
  • Telling powerful stories of students, families, recent graduates, and business and community leaders
  • Leveraging statewide polling to test messages and inform outreach
  • Ad campaigns to reach critical audiences by demographics, region, and profession
  • Engaging and visually-appealing materials and videos 
  • Convening key stakeholders to coordinate strategies for achieving the state’s attainment goal
  • Measuring progress in the three years of our initial effort through qualitative and quantitative methods, including changes in voter perception, number of partners, and use of our messaging throughout the state

Learn More & Take Action

Join Education Forward Arizona as we advocate for investments in education beyond high school. Explore the research and find ways to get involved below.