Current college students and recent college graduates join the AdviseAZ program from all over the state to make a difference for students, families and communities in need. People join for several different reasons– to give back to the community and country, explore the education or nonprofit fields, or gain some “real-world experience.”

AdviseAZ runs concurrently with the school year, with members working in schools as reduced part time (675 hours), reduced half time (450 hours) or minimum time (300 hours) employees from September to May. AdviseAZ members will be placed in high schools and community organizations throughout the state of Arizona, working with underrepresented students providing college application and financial aid support.


Benefits Snapshot:

  • Training and Experience
  • Bi-Monthly Living Stipend
  • Education Award
  • Arizona College Access Professional Certificate
  • Networking


We hope that during our members’ year of service they have a chance to not only help their communities and sites but that they also have a chance to grow personally and professionally during their service term.

All orientation activities take place in Phoenix. Members who serve outside of Phoenix will be asked to travel to orientation and will be reimbursed.

Our program offers multiple training sessions to its members throughout the service year, beginning with orientation at the beginning of your service. Be prepared to interact with your fellow AmeriCorps members often; we believe in creating a meaningful community among peers!

After orientation, we spend an average of one day per month together in AdviseAZ meetings that will be in-person or virtual, where we provide additional training and professional development opportunities.

Trainings to expect at Orientation and throughout the year include:

  • Background of AmeriCorps
  • Team Development and Networking Activities
  • Personality and Communication Styles Assessment
  • Individual Work Style Awareness
  • Culture & Diversity
  • Community Action Poverty Simulation
  • Planning for Life After AmeriCorps