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  • Connecting the ACT Profile Report to Your Curriculum (45 minutes)
    • In this webinar, teachers will explore what gets tested on the ACT, learn how the ACT College and Career Readiness Standards describe students’ skills at different levels of readiness, and use the ACT Profile Report to understand the current level of performance of students in your school.
  • Leading Your School or District Using the ACT Profile Report (45 minutes)
    • As the Instructional Leader in your school or district, having the knowledge and tools needed to connect ACT data to your school or district’s desired outcomes is essential for success. Attendees of this webinar will learn about these data available in the ACT Profile Report and how school and district leaders can use this data to improve student readiness. Attendees will leave with a toolkit of information to support communication with your stakeholders.
  • Impacting Students Using the ACT High School Report (30 minutes)
    • This webinar provides an overview of the ACT High School Report and demonstrates how counselors can use the data to discuss student academic achievement and help students plan for life after high school. Attendees will receive resources and support materials to guide conversations with students.