April 13, 2022

Student Success Story: Embracing Change Leads to Success

Delcia Blancas Hernandez, best known as Lizette, is an Arizona State University student currently completing a major in communication with a certificate in international business.  

As a first-generation college student, Lizette has encountered many obstacles in her education journey but has embraced the unknown and change as an opportunity for growth and learning. 

This semester, Lizette is excited and grateful to be studying in Barcelona, Spain through a study abroad program with ASU and the Autonomous Universidad Barcelona. She says most of her classes are providing her with insight into business, marketing and human resources, all of which will be applicable toward her international business certification. 

One quote, in particular, has helped guide her through her college experience: “The people you surround yourself with are crucial to your happiness, growth and success, choose them wisely.” 

Lizette attributes her college success to the support system she has including her family, mentorship programs from ASU’s TRIO and Education Forward Arizona, as well as her community.  

She is especially grateful for all her scholarships and funders including the President Barack Obama Scholars Program, Education Forward Arizona scholarship and a scholarship through Thelma G. Wolff International.  

Outside of school, Lizette works at ASU’s CommLab as a senior mentor who helps other communications students. Her job is to encourage, advise and mentor other students and provide them with useful tools that help them become more confident in public speaking. Previously, she worked as a Spanish interpreter for CyraCom International, a company that provides interpretation and translation services to thousands of organizations worldwide. In her free time, Lizette gives back to the community by volunteering with Hope’s Women Center and Almost There Rescue, a dog rescue in Arizona.  

In the future, Lizette aspires to continue her communications career in the nonprofit sector. She looks forward to one day working closely with nonprofits to help fulfill their missions by ensuring their communities grow and prosper, much like they have helped her through her college journey.  

Lizette’s Success Adviser at Education Forward Arizona, America Fontes, is excited to see her continue to flourish.  

“Continue your wonderful work, Lizette. We are proud of you!”