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Spending Limit Puts more than $1.1B at risk for Arizona Schools

More than a billion dollars of existing school funding is in jeopardy if the legislature doesn’t allow school districts to spend it. How we got here In 1980, Arizona voters passed a measure that limits how much K-12 schools can spend in a school year, which was done when the state implemented its school funding […]


Advocating for Increased Access and Affordability of Early and Postsecondary Education

Education Forward Arizona is using its voice to advocate for the funding and policy changes needed to meet the goals in the Arizona Education Progress Meter. Recently, Education Forward Arizona has been supporting federal proposals for universal Pre-K, free community college and to increase the Pell Grant...


The Latest on Prop 208

By: Erin Hart, Senior Vice President and Chief of Policy and Community Impact Last week the Arizona Supreme Court issued a decision about Prop 208. So, what does this ruling mean for Prop 208 and for education funding in Arizona? The short answer is the decision puts Prop 208 in jeopardy, which could take away […]