Introducing Education Forward Arizona


Moving Education Forward


Thriving Systems

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Our Mission


We work to improve Arizona’s P-20 education system for underserved students.


The Arizona Education Progress Meter provides reliable information on issues ranging from accessto quality early learning to postsecondary attainment and everything in between.

While still shy of our goals, we see

  • Increases in percentage of Arizona 3rd grade students who scored Proficient or Highly Proficient on the AzMERIT 3rd grade English language arts assessment and the percentage of Arizona high school students graduating in four years is increasing.
  • Decreases in the percentages of Arizonans 16-24 who are neither working nor in school.

We all agree that in order for Arizona to move forward, Arizona education must move forward. In everything we do, Education Forward Arizona must set a signal to everyone in the state that we are going to work together differently to achieve the significant education change we need for all Arizonans.

- Rich Nickel, Education Forward Arizona